JC Management Case Study


JC Management is one of the leading commercial realty management companies in the boroughs of NYC. They rely heavily on their Voice and Data systems to communicate with their office sites and commercial tenants. Over the last few years their business has steadily increased its growth and required a larger office space.

Need, Issues and Challenges:

The present application that JC Management had been using was a on-premises antiquated PBX system with a Cable modem Coax Internet connection that required a extreme amount of maintenance. They needed to revamp the Phone system and improve how they communicate with their in-house customers as well as their clients more efficiently. All though they were growing they had increased their operating cost (IT Services and Personnel) by an additional 12% , that amounted to $45,000. annually. Still they continued to have downtime, latency issues/Packet losses, along with no redundancy-fail-over system routers in place, or a In-bound Disaster Recovery.

Product, services and systems provided:

• Hosted Managed PBX system with 17 Polycom Phones with a robust selection of features.
• 5Meg Ethernet DIA Circuit with seamless smooth scalability if required.
• 3Meg DIA Circuit and a fail-over switch for redundancy.
• Inbound Disaster Recovery (IDR), that protects J.C. Management’s In-Bound voice calls from a disaster of any magnitude.

Efficiency and Cost savings:

The Hosted PBX Provider shoulders all the risk, work and complexity of growth or retraction that can happen quickly, along with the maintenance and software updates which occurs automatically. Also with the implementation of a DIA-Fiber circuit allows the symmetrical use of a dedicated bandwidth that gives you a better reliability over coax cable, (QOS). A Backup 3 Meg circuit allows redundancy to occur , but most of all gives J.C. Management a fail-over switch that reassures there will be no lost of Voice and Data services. In addition it has produced an immediate and long term reduction in the cost of maintaining a on-premise PBX system and has reduced IT man hours by 50%. The immediate cost savings has been estimated at $25,000, with a projected Three year savings of $65,000. This allows JC Management the ability to operate with a more efficient budget and the flexibility to invest more dollars in future projects.

The Solution and solving the Problem:

Pegasus One Communication Project managed the entire process from beginning to end; by Identifying the needs, customizing, and implementing a Robust Voice and data system with a built-in scalability to future proof J.C. Management’s network. We provided a logistical plan of services to be incorporated and to delivered a seamless transition, all tested before the moved-in date so that their services are running smoothly with no delays or setbacks.

“ Pegasus One Communication has taken out the guess work of having my company, “JC Management Service, LLC” not go through a myriad of sales representatives that only could have provided us a one fix solution that represents the company they work for. We were very impressed with the Pegasus teams professional approach to detail, along with providing us with a comprehensive analysis and solution of our telecom needs and cost effective savings. Peter Figueroa and his team gave us a level of reassurance and confidence that we were being provided the best consultative service. This allowed me to easily conduct my companies day to day operations at a crucial time. We have been extremely satisfied and recommend Pegasus One Communications consultative service and expertise in providing Telecom services.”