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Today’s modern business lives and dies by its network connection to the outside world. Increasingly mobile, social and app-focused, businesses both small and large (and in-between) need reliable and affordable bandwidth to carry out day-to-day operations. Pegasus One Communication, a Networking Consultant, knows that different connectivity solutions fit different needs—and can offer you the expertise to help choose the right one for your specific business. We act on your behalf, from design, to implementation, to the ongoing support of your network.

Personalized Custom Solutions for Different Business

Small Business
For SMB owners, Pegasus, offers a range of leading technologies from time-tested, high-quality service providers that will support your specific business connectivity needs. You may be a retailer in need an in-store Wi-Fi strategy to support guests, or a HVAC company that needs redundant connectivity to stay in touch with corporate clients on a continuous basis, or a law office that needs to support faxing on a secure line. Whatever your specific connectivity needs, Pegasus, will recommend a tailored solution that fits your cost profile.

Single Location Enterprise
Pegasus One Com is your trusted Networking Consultants when it comes to crafting a fully reliable, secure business connectivity networking solution to fit your specific business needs. We understand the range of enterprise requirements: You can’t afford downtime, and you may have different departments that have different bandwidth requirements. You may need to support different applications as well, like video, conferencing or unified communications and collaboration suites. Pegasus One Com, makes unbiased recommendations based on options like Ethernet over copper, MPLS and private lines from a range of top suppliers.

Multi-Location Enterprise
Multi-location businesses need to support large volumes of Internet traffic, and they need a strategy for doing so that eliminates management overhead and consolidates billing and support requirements. Circuits need to be 100% reliable and redundant, and any connectivity strategy is driven by applications needs, like the requirement to support mobile workforces, satellite offices, or data center strategies. Pegasus One Com consults on designing a custom, unbiased connectivity plan for your specific business needs, using the wealth of options from our deep portfolio from top suppliers.

Find the Perfect Product for Your Business

• Cable Internet Service
• Dedicated Internet Access (DIA Circuit)
• Ethernet Fiber
• Wireless Internet/Fixed Microwave
• Cradle Point Internet Access Service
• MPLS Private Line


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